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We're a husband and wife true "partnership" that brings to you products that build health. Our faith sustains us spiritually and what we put into our mouths sustains us physically.

Through our own health battles and training in nutrition and natural healing, we've concluded that nourishing foods and tonics are of utmost importance in building health that is of lasting value.

God has blessed the earth with many wonderful foods and herbs designed to sustain our health. It's up to us to make smart choices.

Our store features several creative food based items that have a little of everything to offer. From our Manuka honey products to the Weston A. Price inspired fermented cod liver oil and butter oil with X-Factor, to the Organic dark chocolate and cocoa indulgences.

You can feel good all over about supporting organizations and sustainable small scale farms that believe in making available to the public some of the best "stuff" on earth!

Please feel free to browse our unique products. Your taste buds and your health will be happy you did!
Our product selection is based on the following principles:
  1. Teach...through better understanding of human nutrition. The medicinal value of food products is becoming more and more evident thanks to research efforts from around the world and a movement to appreciate the nutritive value of traditional foods and diets. See the product details in our store to learn more!
  2. Taste...who said good "medicine" had to taste bad! You will find our coconut oil, honey products, chocolate, butter oil, and even the flavored Blue IceTM cod liver oil to be pleasant and quite tasty!
  3. Sustainable and fair...we've chosen products that sustain the farmer (being able to make a living) and sustain the consumer (building health with "functional" foods). Most of our products are from small-scale operations that take great pride in bringing superior quality products to you. We are pleased to be able to present to you these wonderful products at very fair prices.
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You can be assured that as we discover other health building products we will add them to our store...so come back soon!

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