A note about sprouted flour stability

sprouted flour

From our friends at Essential Eating:

"Conventional wisdom recommends that unsprouted grains be freshly milled and the unsprouted flour be refrigerated until consumed. The phrase “freshly milled” flour is rooted in the fact that it contains the germ cell of the grain, the part that degrades and becomes rancid when milled.

Unlike unsprouted grains, when whole grains are sprouted properly the germ cell is consumed by the endosperm and is no longer in a state that can become rancid. When grain is sprouted, dried and milled under measured conditions, it becomes a stable food ingredient, allowing it to maintain its freshness and shelf life much, much longer than unsprouted flour.

Keep Essential Eating sprouted flours in DRY ambient air conditions and they will stay fresh for at least 6 months if not longer. Do not store flour near foods and products with strong odors.

Unlike unsprouted flour, sprouted flour does not need to be refrigerated and may add unwanted moisture that may spoil the flour. Freezing in tightly-packed, air-tight container may extend the shelf-life past 6 months. If frozen, return the flour to room temperature before using."

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